In which my sister infected me + Web nostalgia

Ugh. Hi guys x.x My sister got really sick a week ago and she's still recovering. But she chose to inflict her illness upon me as well, so now I've been sick for the past three days. Blah D: At least I don't have work until Friday x.x

So in my sickened state, I feebly have been on the interwebs. In which I discovered the Wayback Machine. Now, I've been doing web design for several years now, but anything I had before 2006 was lost when my old computer exploded. Which blows because that time period had some of my favorite designs. Thanks to the Wayback Machine, I was able to get a few of those designs back :) And then I realized how lame my web designs have become. So I played around to see if I still had my old style in me, and I'm proud to announce that I do :D Just in time to make the Gazette fanlisting~

The old style is far more interesting than my new style, so I think I'm going to play around with merging the two since I'm currently bedridden :)

Waaaah my tooooooth D:

So yesterday, one of my wisdom teeth hurt a little bit. And I was like "eh, whatever. That's what wisdom teeth do :D" And I went to bed, innocently unaware of the fate that would befall me the very next morning.

I woke up and I felt like someone had punched me in the face and cracked my jaw in half. My cheek is swollen and my tooth feels like someone is slowly, without any Novocaine, ripping it out. So my mom broke out the flashlight and immediately checked on the status of my wisdom tooth. It was declared to be abscessed. Which I don't really know anything that this entails other than it hurts like labor pains.

And I can't get to the dentist until Monday D: And then I have class! I'll go sporting the Novocaine look - you know, the drooly kind with the poofy cheeks filled with bloody cotton balls. It'll be a new fashion statement. All the kids will be doing it.

So now I'm on some leftover Vicodin from my surgery :x And apparently I design with the brightest colors ever when I'm on it. But hey, whatevs :3

Ahhhhh it huuuurts and I exceeded the amount I'm allowed to have per daaaaaaaaaaay D: I know - I'll have another cup of hot cocoa! That soothed it somewhat earlier.

1:49 am edit: I'm afraid to go to sleep because its going to hurt sooooo bad when I wake up D:

Irene was a bitch :x

I don't even live on the coast. I live on the opposite side of NJ and we got our asses handed to us. We couldn't go anywhere for three days afterward because of all of the trees in the road. And we didn't get power back until Friday night. We didn't have power for six days.

Luckily, the Red Cross was set up at my old high school - a school of which had a swimming pool and therefore showers. SHOWERS. The small things you take for granted x.x

We were one of the five houses on our road that didn't have power and some of the last 5000 people statewide to not have power. But now we do and I'm excited and happy and I made three fanlistings in one night lawlz withdrawal much?

But in all seriousness, we didn't even get the worst of it. My sister showed me a picture of Atlantic City's beach. Or the sand cliff that was once the beach. And one of the Red Cross volunteers told us that Connecticut (I think) had off-coast casinos that washed up on top of neighborhoods. I feel horrible for the people who lost family and their homes.

And now I hear there are two more hurricanes on the way?

Also, my sister gave birth in the midst of the chaos. I swear, this woman is like a pregnancy veteran. She's had four kids - Samantha took twelve hours to come out, Joey took four, Madilyn took a half hour, and now little Victoria took a grand total of five minutes. My sister's birth canal is like a slip n' slide for babies now. Who the hell gives birth in five minutes and four pushes? xD I swear, if she ever gets pregnant again (which she doesn't plan to - four is plenty) it'll just be born on the car ride to the hospital.

And I didn't get a chance to schedule for college yet because of this stuff. Classes start on the 6th and that's the earliest day I can schedule. I've never scheduled "late" before and don't know if there are any consequences :x

Bracing for Irene x.x

That old bitty's going to hit us soon. (Is it bad that I ttoally imagine her as a grumpy old lady with a horrendous floral sun hat and old lady purse?) Tomorrow afternoon she'll hit D:

I may not be online for a while xD Depending on whether or not/how long we lose power. I'll post when all is said and done, if it's as bad as they are saying it will be.

Is anyone else in this bitch's warpath? :x

Lawlz fandom rant~?

note: Offline life has been relatively busy, so I apologize for not really commenting on anything - I've been reading and checking up on you guys though! I just suck :)

So I watched Hana Kimi 2011... thinking that there was absolutely no way it could live up to Hana Kimi 2007... and got my ass handed to me. Watching 2011 was like getting slapped in the face by the palm of some kind of epiphany-on-how-much-hanakimi-2007-sucked god.

First I saw Hana Kimi 2007, then Hua Yang Shao Nian Shao Nu which I'm not even going to cover because apparently it was so awful I forced myself to forget all of it, and now 2011. So I'm going to break it down completely, brutally, and entirely honestly.

Collapse )

On another Hana Kimi 2011 note, Shohei and Tomo are totally giving me that "vibe." You know, of the slash variety. And they make me want to write shitty fanfiction. Which I'm probably going to try to do after this horrendously long bitch-fandom-rant finally comes to an end. They do it on purpose you know. To catch bitches like me and make me watch something I would otherwise not xD I'm essentially watching this for the side characters anyway, and the writers know it. THEY KNOW.


Know of any good webhosts?

My webhost sucks. Cirtex. Do not use them EVER. My server was down five times in ONE DAY to give you an idea of how much downtime you'll be facing if you choose this company. They have at least 70% uptime a month, which is a pathetic percentage. Quick to demand your money though!

So yes, I'm looking for a new webhost :x I'm kind of put off by how much work its probably going to be to transfer everything (and can domain names transfer?). I've never done so before because all of my previous webhosts crashed and lost everything I had, so... I have terrible luck with webhosts x.x

So I was looking at and Does anyone use them? Or know if they're any good?

Also, I'm totally obsessed with VDex and just Pokemon in general right now x.x That's what happens when I work on a fansite for something, I get totally re-obsessed with it xD;

And I was approved for the Yamamoto Yusuke fanlisting again yeeeeey~ :'x I think that's what's going to get a new layout soon. This one is from 2008, I think -.-; I think I might revamp it to include character analyses so it can actually be considered a fansite xD;

note: Since my last post about all of the creative stuff I've been doing lately, I've also: made myself an art site, revamped my Zell fansite, created a Fran fansite + 10 icons + 1 wallpaper, created a Falkner fansite + 8 icons + 1 wallpaper, created 25 codes for the Born fanlisting, created 30 codes for the .hack//G.U. fanlisting, and created 15 codes for the Yamamoto Yusuke fanlisting :x I'm starting to run out of juice now, I think, since its days in between each project now xD;

I have to admit...

I love having a livejournal. I think I might be coming back to it, honestly :x I miss it ToT And no one else is on Dreamwidth other than a couple of people. As awesome as they are, I still want to use this journal. So!

I will not use this journal for anything super personal. This is for casual journaling now, and my dreamwidth account will be for things that are... less... casual x.x And I mean, I have two update archive communities for my websites on here. So.

Hullo! Right now, I'm kicking myself for letting some of my fanlistings go. Particularly the alice nine. one :( Ugh so sad T.T And then I was recently approved for the Yamamoto Yusuke fanlisting WHICH I DIED FOR BASICALLY and then I got really busy with some NOT CASUAL THINGS and didn't realize it was removed (because I had accidentally used another email address durrrr) T.T ARGGGGGH. I reapplied, but I don't know if they'll give it back to me T.T One can only hope! x.x In the mean time, I saw that Satsuki's fanlisting was up for grabs so I jumped all over that shiznit. I really need to figure out some script for fanlistings because manual updating sucks cheese balls.

I've been on a designing kick for the past few days. It all started when I checked my e-mail and realized that I had been approved for the .hack//G.U. fanlisting... two months prior. So I quick shat out a fanlisting... and then I couldn't stop myself o.o At first, I made a Gundam Wing premade for Hari... but then I realized I didn't like Hari's layout anymore, so I made a new layout for it.

Then I made a new linkage page for because I hated the old one. Then I found out how to make favicons, so I made a bunch of those (yeah, be jealous of my bulbasaur bee-otches). And then I made a layout for itself. Then, since I loved the colors of the Lavi/Kanda doujinshi art, I made some icons out of them. And it wasn't enough, so I made another premade for Hari. And then another (which isn't up yet). And then a Gundam Wing wallpaper (which is up on Hari but not announced).

BUT IT WASN'T ENOUGH. So I made a glorified layout archive just because I fell in love with some FMA doujinshi artwork and I needed an archive for my own sanity.

Am I done yet?

...probably not. I do have an art dump to make, after all.


Moving on to Dreamwidth.

Sorry guys :( After reading Saaski's exit post, I'm really unnerved by the control lj has given itself in their new TOS. They give themselves the freedom to use my private, personal posts in any way they want, and I don't want some of my personal thoughts to creep up on me in the future and possibly cost me a job or something like that.

So you can find me at Dreamwidth. Sorry I keep moving places :x

Dreamwidth is almost exactly like the LJ of old, back when it was advertisement-free and dedicated to your privacy. I want you guys to come with me, and you'll need invite codes in order to do so. I only have one, so its first come first serve I guess :P Chances are, you can find some here.
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